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Hurricane 2inch FPV Drone (sub250gr)


This is the smallest of the bunch with a size of 12.5cm X 12.5cm. It weighs around 180gr with battery and a decased GoPro on top.

I mainly use this one flying close to people or the flight path contains tight obstacles. Protected propellers and soft foam bumpers are to protect people and objects around.

use cases: British GQ, Dior, GQ Car Awards, PS Spaces Tour


Hurricane 2.5inch Fpv Drone (sub 250gr)

This is tiny bit bigger than the 2inch one with a 16cm x 16cm size.
It weighs around 235gr with battery and a decased GoPro on top.

Mainly used for longer flight times and indoor-outdoor combined shots where wind might be a concern.  Also it allows mounting 2 decased GoPros at once for forward-backwards or forward-downwards simultaneous shots. Again,
protected propellers and soft foam bumpers are to protect people and objects around.

use cases: British GQ, Charge Cars, The Cadogan



Customised 4inch Drone (sub 250gr)

This is the fastest one of the bunch. It is still sub 250gr with a size of 21cm x 21cm. It weighs 245gr with battery and a decased GoPro.

Main use of this drone has been for outside shoots chasing cars or diving mountains where speed and agility is the main goal.

use cases: Nike, British GQ Card Awards


Hurricane 3.5inch Drone

Hurricane 3.5 inch is designed to have a small footprint and be able to carry small cinema cameras where the image quality is the main concern.  It is not as agile as others but it packs a punch with powerful components and powerful frame protected with prop guards which makes it one of the smallest cinelifters available.
It weighs around 1kg with battery and a decased Blackmagic Cinema camera.

The main use for this one would be indoors flights where the camera needs to fly tight spaces or around people, while capturing raw or propres 4k 60fps. 
(It is really loud though)


About Safety and Regulations

If requested, a risk assessment is prepared beforehand and necessary insurance documents, Flyer ID, Operator ID and sufficiency documents are being supplied to the client.


Also if needed, any concerns and capabilities of the drone are explained to the director for  right decision making during the planning of the shoot.

for any extra information or questions please reach me at


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