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Natural Colors Lut Pack for Apple Log on Iphone

Natural Colors Lut Pack includes 5 luts for Apple Log on Iphone which look very similar at first but have different contrast and highlight rolloff results. 1 being the softest and 5 being the most contrastiest you can use which ever needed in your project.

These luts can be used as final look if you want natural looking finalized image.

I would strongly suggest doing your correctional grading before the lut.

Meaning, place this lut at the end of your node tree and do correction on previous nodes.

Though if you want to stylize the look of course you might want to do gradeing after the lut.

Click on the gallery on the left to see some before afters of the examples.

Protip: Download and use Davinci Camera App (free) and import luts there and you can use these luts as preview lut to see how it will look at the end without baking the lut while recording. So you will have the most flexibility in post while grading.


For £10gbp you will get the Luts and a basic node tree emailed to you in the next 24 hours as a perk of supporting the Luts project.

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